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Registered charity no. 289289

Ipswich Holiday Help for Children

What We Do

IHHC helps children and families in Ipswich and South Suffolk get the breaks that most of us take for granted:

  • a holiday, to help a family come together, to give a hard-pressed parent some space with the children
  • a school trip which all their friends are going on, but they can't afford
  • or simply a day's activity, to boost confidence and self-esteem

We will look at any idea which helps a child or a family re-charge batteries, or build relationships, or stay together, or grow in confidence or maturity, by getting away from their normal environment.


Thank you for the money you gave to me so that I could go [with the rest of my year group on the school trip]. It was great fun, we had lots of fun, we did lots of interesting things every day. My favourite trip was Shell Grotto, the shells on the walls were amazing. I also had fun in the room because there were so many of us, and it was great to talk at night after the lights went out. We did get told off for talking too much but it was not too serious as Miss M had lost her voice. (It's better now).

Before we knew anything about the holiday and the help we could receive, my eldest occasionally mentioned that he would like to go on holiday, but my reply was always the same: "Maybe one day, when I have enough money". But that day never seemed to come…. It was lovely to spend some fun quality time with my children, which I do not get to do lots at home as there are always things to be done. I can't thank you enough for making it possible to go away on holiday. You made my boys' dream come true.

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